Ten Grand Tonearm - Compilation LP
(Heard Worse Records)

A sickening compilation by Heard Worse Records out of Sydney, Australia. Melt your mind with some raw tunage by bands that could make your ears bleed from across ocean. Includes stand out tunes by Rahdunes, Pigs in the Ground, Loachfillet, Sun of the Seventh Sister, Castings, Werewolf Jeruselum and a bunch more! 14 tracks total on old record jackets. Each one different than the next. We only have 9 of these to sell!*


The Enticing Sounds Of Pigs In The Ground

Pigs in the Ground - The Enticing Sounds of...
Aural Secretions - 8" Lathe

2 tracks of evil bliss- "Precipitations Exotique" b/w "Moist Caravan Rituals". Full color covers on recycled LP jackets cut to size. Limited Edition of 30, 13 left!* Clear Vinyl cut by Peter King in New Zealand.


Bran(...)tism / Tear N' Pause

Another super collab between The Bran and Tarantism (Sharkiface/Antiear duo). Recorded live on WLUW in Chicago. Subotnick with a nervous tick, on robitussin....

300 made, 3 color silk screen cover.


Dr. Octopus - Parts 1 & 2

A live collaboration from members of Smegma, SIXES,Tarantism and Diatric Puds & the Blobettes. Over 35 minutes of call and response soundscapes and electronic miasma, steeped in a hazey cauldron within the Pink House, in Portland, Oregon. Recorded live, summer 2005. Creepy, exotic mutations and howling animals, crying in a net woven from a thousand drowning insects.

333 copies, hand painted, silk screened covers. A co-release with Fish Pies.


Sejayno - Sedainty

Take a pipe, a big one, and jab it deep into space. Pour the resulting goo through a pointy funnel and onto a slab of vinyl and you'll get something like this. A mushy ball of resin rubbed off from between Sun Ra, a tub of dry writhing eels, and David Tudor. Features Peter B. of Ciat Lonbarde, one of the world's greatest instrument builders. Each record contains it's own original piece of artwork!

A shared release with many other labels! --> Shinkoyo, Heresee, Skulls of Heaven, and Ignivomius




Pod Blotz  "The Swamp Command"
Fish Pies, AU017

This debut vinyl release by Pod Blotz resets your ears
with dripping stalactites, mulching below the surface
in a 'sphere of organ and synthesizer duels. A finely
crafted textural assault of crumbling slabs and
musical cement, snapping the sides of the record
neddle at times. An onslaught of strange audio piles
and various soundscape erosion. Featuring Froth
Fingers and Loachfillet. Released date: 2006.
Pressing: 320.




Caroliner / Woodpatty the Chickenclimber - Split LP

The 1800's favorite ergot-fueled musical act channels 28 minutes of pure bull! Marvel at the sound of electric cow patties! Hear the dreaded sneetchophone! A classic! Side two is a 23 minute journey into the world of Caroliner alumnus Woodpatty, a gifted muti-instrumentalist and escape artist. Amazing musical feat, considering he only had eight wooden fingers. Fun for the whole family! Buy extras to give away at parties.




Rodger Stella & Sharkiface - ZERO CRAG
Aural Secretions - CDR

A one track mind collaboration between Stella and Sharkiface coming from a deep dark place where the piss never ceases to flow. Full color glistening art from "Urine Under the Microscope" Snatch one up today, 100 copies.



Core Of the Coalman - Asolt Musket

We're just as pleased as punch to rerelease this amazing album from Oakland/Prague mesmerist Core of the Coalman. Think super psychedelic layers of heavily processed violin & hypnotic drones covered in a lattice work of ethereal melodies, while other moments are crunchy spasms of utter cacophony. Pure preternatural delight for your mind to absorb. Full color and classy, only 100 copies.



Loachfillet - Cut Throat Rogues
Fish Pies, AU020, CDR

Sequenced as an LP. The sound track for micro structures and garbage truck pick ups. Microbial bacteria being pecked at by anti-fungal germ killers. This is the first full length for this Oakland subversive. Silk screened cover on velum paper with color insert and screened cds. Edition of 100.


Psicologicos Traumas - S/T
Fish Pies, AU022 - CDR

Debut release by Los Angeles / Bay Area super group featuring Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Dinosaurs With Horns, Points of Friction; Albert Ortega (Slujun, Feed the Dragon, Dirty Modelz); Loachfillet (Mummers (Eype), Pigs in the Ground); and Ecomorti. Two live compositions from a radio show and one 5AM studio jam. Concrète music from a vast abyss of opposing planets.


Loachfillet - Worm Peril
Fish Pies, AU023, mini CDR

Newest joint by Loachfillet. A live recording of his Worm Peril show at the Electronic Puppenhorten Festival. Dual stereo reel to reel and oscillator pulse- tones. Long and drawn out full of mutant  breathing rituals. One track, 18 mins.


Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet / Diatric Puds & the Blobettes - Split CDR
Cold Duck Records - edition of 24

Explore the hi-fi regions of electronic occultism with Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet as they rip through a section of soundtrack music procured for the 1961 classic The Mask. If you thought the music from the film was psychedelic and supernatural, wait till you hear what's brewing in the Krankenkabinet! Diatric Puds provide an eerie form of musical ghoulash that is part lo-fi horror show and part haunted Doo Wop. Herein, you shall find an onslaught of howling demons and filthy grinding Monster Mash: the kind of chopped liver and brain cells you'd find in a bowl of delicious Graveyard Soup!!


Loachfillet In Random Selekt, Volume I
Autometric, mini CDR

Debut release by Loachfillet. A swampy collection of oddball noise compositions and strange song textures, carved within 21 minutes of smooth plastic. Ears distended, you'll hear an even mixture of industrial sounding tracks, a la TG and Cabaret Voltaire, and tweaked synth-heavy songs akin to bands such as Chrome and Tuxedo Moon. Ten solid tracks of good ole musical cinema from his Los Angeles days: 1999-2002. Very limited stash!


Loachfillet - In Random Selekt, Volume II
Lattajjaa - LTJ-53, mini CDR

"Somewhere, lurking between the labels of mad scientist, creepy ghetto goblin and modern electronic composer is where you'll find the creature Loachfillet. His latest sonic ooze is crawling with sounds one feels deep within the curdles of their organs. The 3" cdr, "In Random Selekt, Volume 2", is one thousand eighty three seconds of aural stimulation. Listening brings metallic vibrations slipping crispily into the space where your head digests. Emitting shudders and throbs only a brain can hear, it simulates the feeling of your synapses firing metal balls into the endless electric fence atmosphere of consciousness. Sneaky and slick, the waves glide thru glass ear tubes and catch in the whirlpool of the mind. Inside your head cavity is a brine soaked fruitcake with exploding sonic raisins." -Sharkiface, 2007


Skullcaster - Bone Conduction

Skullcaster is the solo project of Chris Cones from Earwicker and Le Flange du Mal. He usually uses a very minimal setup compared to most other noisers - just a few pedals and maybe a home-made thing. It takes him like 25 seconds to set up and BWEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!! The sounds make your brain bend in backwards on itself, then pulls it out like a mile long string of chewed taffy. No visual gimmicks, no fancy gear, just totally creative and brilliant. We never get tired of his unique sound, and this CD has a full 72 minutes of it for you to melt into your ears!
Austin's Bearded Lady printed the amazing covers, probably our best looking release ever. 100 made.


String of Artifacts - compilation
Fish Pies / Resipiscent

Yep, this is the compilation you heard about. Solve the enclosed crossword with your ears or find the cheat sheet hidden inside; your clues include: Sun City Girls, Caroliner, Nautical Almanac, Metalux, Wolf Eyes, Mono Pause, Hans Grüsel's Krankenkabinet, Tarantism, Tom Recchion, Fat Worm of Error, Sixes, Bran(...)Pos, Masonic Youth, Pod Blotz, Smegma, Panicsville, too many more. One of the best experimental compilations in existence, lovingly gathered and ordered by the bay area's favorite creep, Loachfillet.



The Beast in the Basement
Aural Secretions - CDR

Fucking super collab recorded at No Fun Fest 2006, including Dr. Id, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Rock and Roll Jackie, Burned Mind, Conroy, Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young, Mike Connelly,John & Tovah Olsen, Joseph Hammer, and Sharkiface.

Amazing silk-screened covers, numbered/limited edition of 200.



Pigs In The Ground - Serum Feast
Aural Secretions - CDR

Sharkiface and Loachfillet crank out some scorched
electronics and grim industrial sound-scapes on this
thirty minute chunk of circular plastic. An atmospheric feast of dark, distorted doom; wrapped in a cavernous cyst. Co-release with Fish Pies!

100 copies, 3 color silk screen covers.



Replicock - Bloody Delicious

A deep dive into black lacey mud. Sink into the layers of sensual noise collage. This is the only release from the Portland/Oakland collab between Rock-n-Roll Jackie of Smegma and Sharkiface.  

50 copies - 4 left!*




Anti-Ear - The Holgurtz Tapes - double CD

Inspired by the reclusive Hungarian composer Gustav Holgurtz. Two CD set exploring slow moving analog electronic sound collisions.

edition of 300 - screened vellum covers



Anti-Ear - Drone 1

One long track of throbbing, bellowing synth convulsions. No surprise loud blasts or sudden movements, so suitable listening for zoning out super hard or freaking the fuck out. It's up to you!

edition of 200 - around 30 left*


sold out

Anti-Ear - Tre Piccoli

Two 3" cds and an animation dvd with "musical" accompaniment by Anti-Ear.
See the Resipiscent site for description and
order info.

300 copies, awesome silk screened cover.

buy from Resipiscent

(or at an Anti-Ear show!)

Tarantism - Stuck to the Bottom

"Stuck upside-under and dragged bashing through you dunno what... a driftnet of dead kids' braces, the pliant ribbing of freshly pulled larynx, the glassy grit of shredded circuits? The range is astounding, Tarantism's widest soundscape to date. Subaudible voices fold into electroacoustics found hiding in pure sines that crash onto krautbeats. High replay, a different listen every time, the whole onslaught arrives in a triple silk-screen work o' art from Austin's Bearded Lady! Stick this one way in."

buy from Resipiscent

(or at a Tarantism show!)

Tarantism - Tyrantisism

Classic Tarantism styles, random and raw, but at times hints at the new angles explored on later releases. This material is from one of the most prolific periods in the history of this duo, just before the infamous "going for it" tour.


100 made, 146 left?




Tarantism - S/T

Tarantism's debut release. Raw, rediculous.

Bonnie Banks cover art screened on metallic stuff. History.


Gustav Holgurtz - S/T

A seldom acknowledged, mysterious electronic composer from back in the day brutalizes your ears. Grating, buzzing torment designed for mashing brains.

200 made, approx. 20 left.



Anti-Ear 2

Dark, angular synth tones, bizarre and twisted, ear drilling noise with layer upon layer of excellently composed textures.

100 copies made , 8 left




Anti-Ear 1

First CD by Anti-Ear, circa 2001. No rules, all objects and materials that could be found near the desk were used.



Herr Meyer - Complete Works

Electronic music from a mysterious Polish idiot savant-garde composer. Most recordings alleged to be made made using his "Tonmachin" invention, a non-electric synthesizer built from construction scraps...reminiscent of modern electronic
compositions, like Xenakis' "Persepolis". Excellent
for walking thru the ruins of a dead civilization.

100 copies (almost gone).




Brown Whörnet - The Secret

Experiments in rock retardation and noise from Austin's notorious Brown Whornet. Some live, some taped during rehearsals, some studio. These raw, creative, and explosive recordings capture the magic of this prolific band in it's prime.

200 made. Locked jewel cases. Maybe three left.



Tarantism - Tarantismo!

This music is for stoners. Or something.

Incredible cover art by the late great underground comic art legend Jim Osborne!



Spleen Coffin Presents: Ladyz in Noyz: V/A 3CD and booklet (Spleen Coffin)
Originally inspired by Women Take Back the Noise, Ladyz in Noyz was created to meet and create a community of other women who make noise or fringe music.
Artists include- Abiku, Arachnid Arcade, BCO Women's Auxiliary, Beeping Sleauty, Blue Shift, Bonnie Mercer, Chic Nerve, Child Bride, Ecomorti, Froghat and Sofaqueen, Great Room, HNY, Hobby Knife, Hot Lava, Katherine of Rosemary Krust, Leah Peah, Marisa Magic, Mayan bounty, Mother Orchid, Noveller, Olivia Z, Paid in Puke, Paper Rockets, Roaring Aurora, Rusalka, Scout, Sharkiface, Spawning Vats, Stone Pillow, Sun Shine Sanatorium, Suzie Zuzek, The Vivian Girls Experience, US Girls, USSA Pleasuredome with ching ching wang.





We're super excited to finally have the first batch of the Cross Sections Cassette Series on Aural Secretions. Fancy split tapes from some of the best in the biz in series of 4, available in singles or mix & match. Look for the first four below!

Round 1 includes:
Bake 1: Damion Ramero / 16 Bitch Pile UP c60
Bake 2: Anti-Ear / Loachfillet c30
Bake 3: Albert Ortega / Ezra Buchla c30
Bake 4: Joseph Hammer / Mitchell Brown c30

All covers are full color original art on ultra gloss paper
lovingly assembled by hand and numbered. Looks incredible!
Limited edition of 100. $7 each or all 4 for $24.
Smokin' hot, grab 'em quick!!!!

Up & coming Cross Sections batch 2:
Bake 5: Leslie Keffer / Sharkiface
Bake 6: Bran (...) Pos / Omniverous Sencillium
Bake 7: Hans Grusels Kranken Kabinet / Core of the Coalman
Bake 8: (in the works)

Bake 1: Damion Romero / 16 Bitch Pile Up
Aural Secretions - C-60, limited edition of 100.

Live recordings from a series of Halloween shows in 2006. Both sets recorded from two separate sources and fused together by Romero, creating a heavy sandwich of analog treats. Contains a bonus track from Mic Nasty: The Deuce on the Loose on Side B. Limited edition of 100.


Bake 2: Anti-Ear / Loachfillet
Aural Secretions - C-30, limited edition of 100.

Bite into a chunky four part modular beef-up compliments of the Anti-Ear on Side A. Flip it and catch Loachfillet's slithering worm tones before they devour your speakers. Center of the program yields an audio miracle. Limited edition of 100.


Bake 3: Albert Ortega / Ezra Buchla
Aural Secretions - C-30, limited edition of 100.

Another round of amazing ambient sound scapes from Mr Ortega resembling a player piano under water, trying to mash it out. Ezra tunes up his modular with thick analog whoomp-whoomps and closes with a harrowing passage of country drones.


Bake 4: Mitchell Brown / Joseph Hammer
Aural Secretions - C-30, limited edition of 100.

What can be said about these two giants that will make you understand how fucking bad ass their music is? Both send the listener into a dimension far from their mind enclosure. And here, they certainly display the skills of two master craftsmen working their thoughts into high gear! Limited edition of 100.


All four tapes listed above - package discount


Tarantism - Enterruption Cassette
Enterruption Hermetic Archival Cassette Series 3
C-20, limited edition of 50

Most recent Tarantism release, rhythmic mangled throbs and churning loop butters, if you liked "Stuck to the Bottom" you'll like this even more. The next phase! Looks like Enterruption doesn't have any more, we have 5 maybe*!



Loachfillet - Soiled Waving Cilia
Fish Pies, AU015, C-30  

The Result of a live broadcast called in over the telephone. Drastic and crude electronic drones, slow-mo-horns, guttural tone combat, between homemade circuitry and slithering tape loops. Recorded live on KFJC, FM 89.7. Sounds like a lost 78 noise record.


Froth Fingers / Loachfillet - Split
Fish Pies, AU018, C-30

Solo sides here from Froth Fingers and Loachfillet. FF = Phantom Theatre Organ and a haunting hallway of the looney bin. LF = A bubbling pot of slithery crumbs and short wave radio vomit. Limited to 100.


Slujun / Loachfillet - Split
Fish Pies, AU019, C-30

A split cassette that rips through the magnetic tape and plastic case on both edges. Slujun plays some thick tones with his box of circuits and knobs, following it up with gords covered in tiny locusts. Loachfillet lets the dreggs rip with some watery earth worm electronics. Damp within a high-top camel hump. Comes in a black 5"x7" "book on tape" box. Thirty Minutes. Limited to 100.


Pigs In The Ground - Tropical Delirium
Aural Secretions

Oakland's killer collaboration between Sharkiface and Loachfillet. Part of a live performance on KFJC, this is an ominious and creepy expedition through the decaying leaves and mold and into the worm-filled sand of a tropical graveyard.
Edition of 47.*


At Jennie Ritchie / Vertonen split

We are excited to relase this gem from the mysterious AJR and Chicago noise master Vertonen. 20 minutes of spooky minimalist flakes of audio dust and dark sinkholes of commie synth tweakery lull you willingly into the abyss. Use the handy glow-in-the-dark covers to check under your bed for monsters before you leave this realm!
Edition of 60. Only 15 available here.*


Anti-Ear - Brazilian Wax Cassette

A tape put out by Brazilian Wax, an all cassette label based in Northhampton. Anti-Ear was asked because of this label's intrest in "retarded" music. Which is awesome. More varied timbres than most Anti-Ear recordings, there is something sure to annoy and/or delight just about every fan of wrongness.
Handmade foam covers you can't penetrate - we only have a handful to sell.


Vertonen / Anti-Ear Split

A few of these were just discovered in a dark forgotten corner of the BOC lair and are available again. Vertonen pulls out all the stops - complex drones, harsh blasts, and "special moments". It's a full on Vertonen variety show! Anti-Ear scoops crunchy goose poop and gently coats the inside of your skull, squeezing dense grey juices from your your heterogeneous zone. You are inside the machine looking out, but have no eyes.


Sharkiface / Anti-Ear Split

On side one Sharkiface boxes your ears, then tickles them with steel wool. On side two Anti-Ear wrestles electronic roosters. The roosters win.

100 copies made, just a few left. 7 (or more?)* color screened cover.


SIXES / Anti-Ear Split

Classic heavy SIXES speaker shredding on side one. Anti Ear hops from a musique concrete funeral to an extended electronic spasm on side two.

100 copies made, about 14 left.*






Tarantism DVD

A collage composed from some of Tarantism's finer moments around 2001 - 2003. Editied by the incredible Brutallo! 15 minutes or so. Specify PAL or NTSC!