"The Couplings/Serum Feast", a 9+ minute track from "Serum Feast", the debut CD of Sharkiface and Loachfillet's project PIGS IN THE GROUND!
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The Sharkiface side from the Sharkiface/Anti-Ear split cassette - 23 minutes!
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European tour 2007


Panicsville and Sharkiface

"dylan nyokas, 1 bird of delay, frozen corpse (eva and carlo - belgian scum!!) and not actually glamorous pat in brighton pissed out of our gourds"


This is how it was done:

11/10-12 Brighton- Colour out of Space fest (w/Replicock (Sharkiface and Rock N' Roll Jackie! RRRRAAAAAGHG!!! EVIL!!!! see note from fest program below...), Withdrawal Method, Pengo, The Bohman Brothers, Robedoor,Amon Dude, Tomutonttu,
Chris Corsano & Dylan Nyoukis, Hacky Pack Sac Sac with Ludo Mich, etc )

REPLICOCK - Rock 'n' Roll Jackie (aka Oblivia) has been championing the cause of free-noise improvisation for many years since hooking up with Smegma and the wondrous weirdos of the LA Free Music Society - both loose knit collectives of outsider musicians vaguely united by a shared commitment to DIY art actions and a multi-disciplinary assault on rock and avant garde forms. LAFMS pre-figured everything from punk to plunderphonics, while their outsider stance successfully sabotaged any possibility of mainstream interest. Smegma have never gone away and show no signs of slowing down, emerging into some kind of spotlight of late (Jackie was Wire's cover star) thanks to the awed support from the likes of Wolf Eyes. Replicock sees Jackie team up with Angie Sharkiface from vanguard cosmonauts Tarantism (and occasional stints in Caroliner) to create some of the most demented noise freak-outs of the weekend. This is their first ever UK show.

11/13 - Fuel, MANCHESTER (w/Panicsville, Robedoor, Family Battle
Snake, Alien Zoner Ensemble, )

11/14 - The Rose of England, NOTTINGHAM (w/Panicsville, Robedoor,
Frozen Corpse, Green Mist & Luke Younger, Family Battle Snake)

11/15 - The Fenton, LEEDS (w/Panicsville, Frozen Corpse, Green Mist,
Filthy Turd)

11/16 - The Telegraph, NEWCASTLE (w/Panicsville, Alien Zoner Ensemble,
Ashtray Navigations, MV&EE,)

feeling the pain with Glamorous Pat in the airport

11/18 Berlin (w/Alos (of OvO) @Electronic Church - Greifswalder Str.
223 - Prenzlauer Berg

11/20 Copenhagen Denmark w/ Tape Salad + Mudboy